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initiation into the sacred secrets of reiki


Master teach level is for those students who've worked with reiki long enough to be ready to give attunements for personal growth or to teach others.

When you are ready to complete your reiki journey, you can move towards the master level.

. prequisite: at least part of the apprenticeship: living light 15 week course (but preferably light journeys section as well) , plus levels 1,2,3 reiki with me (not another teacher, you can retake any levels with me that you took with another teacher at a lower cost)

. cost of master course: $1000.

. length: 5 DAY course over several weeks.


optional: completing master level in 4 other lineages as well, learning more about the lineages, getting those master symbols & learning those attunement styles


What does it mean to be a master?

The word mastery refers to expert knowledge or outstanding ability.

There are 4 qualities that reveal true mastery: fearlessness, courage, honor, humor.

1. fearlessness: complete knowledge of your weaknesses & strengths. You can accept your weaknesses and accept that you may never transform some of them, while you cultivate your strengths. That is what today’s class is about, setting the foundation until the  next class to embrace your weaknesses & strengths. To know yourself better.

2. courage: the ability to stretch beyond current boundaries in order to achieve higher results. The master level is the beginning. Your walked the labyrinth and have now arrived at the center, from here you begin the outward spiral, where you walk the path of your own discovering aided by the vibrations that master level brings.

3. honor: upholding higher values, ever under adverse conditions. You must also accept that you may fall short of your higher values sometimes.

4. humor: the ability to see the grace in all situations. You can laugh at yourself, and have fun on your journey.


A master must resist:

1. perfectionism
2. taking yourself too seriously

Ironically you can never completely master anything, there is always more to learn.
Please look at your reiki practice like this. The energies coming to earth, and our spiritual evolution & ascension are happening at a fast pace. Your practice & teaching should reflect this, it should always be evolving, always be a step ahead of what those who come to you are looking for. Remember that reiki is just as much a spiritual practice as a healing one.

You find the answers within yourself to develop your own practice & teachings, that is why there is  no manual with this level. You need to step beyond. A reiki master has no master, she has master peers who share in cocreating our ascension & evolution of our practice. I hold master’s circles, sometimes this is in the form of a light journey’s class, where we do step beyond ordinary energy & share an energetic space created by the group, which takes us into higher realms where we make discoveries, attune to higher energies & support each other’s evolution.



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